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2 января 2010 Автор: GaMeLoT Просмотров: 22179
GunaGame SeRveR

GunaGame SeRveR

Что в него входит:

AMX Mod X 1.8.1
Metamod 1.19
GunaGame v117b

Amx Gore Ultimate Больше крови и мяса )


В начале игры вы появляетесь с ножами и играете одну минуту, это так называемый раунд "разминка". Затем вы появляетесь с глоком и должны быстрее всех пройти все уровни до ножа с гранатой и выбрать карту, которая будет потом загружена. В общем мод очень интересный. Советую всем поиграть ;)

Распакуйте всё по папкам в Counter-Strike 1.6\cstrike
Установка завершена!

Список команд:

* Commands
o amx_gungame
+ Toggles the functionality of GunGame. Always use this to enable or disable GunGame in the middle of a map. Requires ADMIN_CVAR (or flag "g") access to use.
o amx_gungame_level
+ Changes a player's level. Target can be a player name, *, @ALL, @TERRORIST, or @CT. If level is prepended with a plus or minus symbol, the level change is relative. Otherwise, the level change is absolute. Requires ADMIN_BAN (or flag "d") access to use.
o amx_gungame_vote
+ Starts a vote to enable or disable GunGame. Requires ADMIN_VOTE (or flag "j") access to use.

* Basic Cvars
o gg_enabled (default: 1)
+ Enables the functionality of the plugin. Use the amx_gungame command if you want to change this during gameplay.
o gg_vote_setting (default: 1)
+ Starts a mapvote when a player nears the final level. Every number above 1 is how many levels BEFORE the final level to start the vote at (ie: 1=start vote at final level, 2=start vote one level before final, etcetera). Overridden by gungame_mapcycle.
o gg_vote_custom (default: "")
+ The custom command used to start a map vote. Leave blank to use the functionality of mapchooser.amxx, mapchooser4.amxx, deagsmapmanage230b.amxx, or deagsmapmanager.amxx. Overridden by gungame_mapcycle.
o gg_changelevel_custom (default: "")
+ The custom command used to go to the next map. Leave blank to change to the map contained in amx_nextmap. Overridden by gungame_mapcycle.
o gg_map_setup (default: [mp_timelimit 45; mp_winlimit 0; sv_alltalk 0; mp_chattime 10; mp_c4timer 25] )
+ A list of commands that are ran on map startup when GunGame is enabled, or when enabled in the middle of a game.
o gg_endmap_setup (default: "")
+ A list of commands that are ran on map startup when GunGame is disabled, whenever GunGame disabled in the middle of a game, and at the end of a map. This is essentially the counter for gg_map_setup).
o gg_join_msg (default: 1)
+ Give players a welcome sound and popup explaining GunGame when they join.
o gg_colored_messages (default: 1)
+ Adds those fancy colors that you see in GunGame messages.
o gg_save_temp (default: 300)
+ Remembers a player's level and score upon disconnect for this amount of time (in seconds), so that they can rejoin shortly and not have to start over.
o gg_status_display (default: 0)
+ Controls what the custom status display to the right of the round timer shows. 1=leader's weapon, 2=your weapon, 3=kills until next level, 4=kills gained this level, 0=disabled
o gg_map_iterations (default: 1)
+ How many GunGame rounds to play before switching maps. A value of 0 means that GunGame will never change maps on its own.
o gg_ignore_bots (default: 0)
+ If set to 1, bot wins and points are not saved. If set to 2, bots can't even trigger a win, unless there are no human players in the server, in addition to their wins and points not being saved.
o gg_block_equips (default: 0)
+ If set to 1, stops game_player_equip's from working, and if set to 2, additionally stops player_weaponstrip's from working.

* Autovote Cvars
o gg_autovote_rounds (default: 0)
+ The number of rounds after the start of a new map it takes to to automatically start a vote to enable or disable GunGame. Set to 0 to disable this feature.
o gg_autovote_delay (default: 8.0)
+ How many seconds after the appropiate round start (based on gg_autovote_rounds) to start the autovote.
o gg_autovote_ratio (default: 0.51)
+ The ratio of votes required to enable GunGame. This is used for both amx_gungame_vote and the autovote.
o gg_autovote_time (default: 10.0)
+ How many seconds players have to vote. This is used for both amx_gungame_vote and the autovote

* Stats Cvars
o gg_stats_file (default: gungame.stats)
+ The file to use for logging wins (starts in cstrike/ or czero/ directory). Leave blank to disable win logging.
o gg_stats_ip (default: 0)
+ Tracks stats by IP address instead of STEAM ID.
o gg_stats_prune (default: 2592000)
+ How old, in seconds, a stat entry can be before it is deleted. Use 0 to leave all stat entries infinitely.
o gg_stats_mode (default: 1)
+ The method used for scoring players. 0=disabled, 1=by wins, 2=by points. If using 2, at the end of a game, every player gets one point for each level they gained, the winner getting a bonus based on the gg_stats_winbonus cvar.
o gg_stats_winbonus (default: 1.5)
+ If using gg_stats_mode 2, the winner gets this times as many points as regular.

* Deathmatch Cvars
o gg_dm (default: 0)
+ Enables deathmatch mode (a.k.a. infinite respawn).
o gg_dm_sp_time (default: 1.0)
+ The time (in seconds) that a player's spawn protection peroid lasts. Use 0.0 to disable spawn protection.
o gg_dm_sp_mode (default: 1)
+ 1=If killed during spawn protection, killer gets no points. 2=Completely invincible during spawn protection. Use 0 to disable spawn protection.
o gg_dm_spawn_random (default: 0)
+ Makes players respawn in a random (team-ambiguous) spawn. If CSDM spawn points are installed for the current map, then those will be used instead. If this cvar is set to 2, then players will only respawn randomly when there are CSDM spawn points for the current map.
o gg_dm_start_random (default: 0)
+ If players are placed at random CSDM spawns on round start (only as long as there are as many CSDM spawn points as there are players).
o gg_dm_spawn_delay (default: 1.5)
+ The time (in seconds) that it takes to respawn after dying.
o gg_dm_spawn_afterplant (default: 1)
+ Controls whether or not players respawn after the bomb has been planted.
o gg_dm_corpses (default: 1)
+ Toggles whether or not player corpses stay on the ground in deathmatch mode.
o gg_dm_countdown (default: 0)
+ Shows a countdown timer to players telling them how much time until they respawn. The cvar value changes the display mode: 1=center say, 2=HUD message, 3=both.

* Objective Cvars
o gg_block_objectives (default: 0)
+ Removes objectives on bomb and hostage maps (no VIP support for GunGame).
o gg_bomb_defuse_lvl (default: 1)
+ Gives players a level when they plant or defuse the bomb. If set to 2, Terrorists only gain a level if they plant the bomb and it explodes, whereas if set to 1, they only need to plant it to gain a level.
o gg_host_touch_reward (default: 0)
+ Players gain one score (not level) if they touch this many unique hostages in the same round. A value of 0 disables this feature.
o gg_host_rescue_reward (default: 0)
+ Players gain one level if they rescue this many unique hostages in the same round. A value of 0 disables this feature.
o gg_host_kill_reward (default: 0)
+ How much EXTRA score (not level) a Terrorist gets for killing a CT that was escorting a hostage. Players can't go up more than one extra level by this. A value of 0 disables this feature. DOES NOT WORK IN CONDITION ZERO!
o gg_host_kill_penalty (default: 0)
+ How much score (not level) a player loses for killing a hostage.

* Gameplay Cvars
o gg_ff_auto (default: 1)
+ Turns friendly-fire on when someone reaches the grenade level. Friendly-fire will turn itself back off when no one is on the grenade or knife level anymore.
o gg_weapon_order (default: [glock,usp,p228,deagle,fiveseven,elite,m3,xm1014,tm p,mac10,mp5navy,ump45,p90,galil,famas,ak47,scout,m 4a1,sg552,aug,m249,hegrenade,knife] )
+ The order of weapon levels. Separate each weapon with a comma, and don't use spaces. You can have up to 32, and they can repeat. Append ":X" to a weapon's name to apply a custom kill requirement for that weapon. For example, "deagle:5" would require players to get 5 kills with the Desert Eagle.
o gg_max_lvl (default: 3)
+ The maximum number of levels obtainable per round, per person. Use 0 for infinite. Overriden by gg_turbo.
o gg_triple_on (default: 0)
+ Gives players a 10-second star (think Mario) if they gain 3 levels in one round. Overriden by gg_turbo.
o gg_turbo (default: 0)
+ Instantly gives a player his new weapon upon level up, instead of having to wait until the next round.
o gg_knife_pro (default: 0)
+ Allows players to steal levels from other players by killing them with a knife.
o gg_worldspawn_suicide (default: 1)
+ Deaths by worldspawn are considered suicide.
o gg_allow_changeteam (default: 0)
+ If set to 1, team changes are not counted as a suicide. If set to 2, team changes are not counted as a suicide only if the change was beneficial, meaning that the team change didn't stack the teams. Changing teams to your current team always counts as a suicide.
o gg_pickup_others (default: 0)
+ Allows players to pick up weapons that don't belong to their level. Players can't level up using a weapon that doesn't belong to their level.
o gg_handicap_on (default: 1)
+ If 1, sets the level of late-joiners to the average level in the server. If 2, sets them instead to the level of the currently lowest leveled player (ignoring bots, unless bots are the only players that are above level 1).
o gg_top10_handicap (default: 1)
+ If players in the top 10 list of wins still receive the handicap.
o gg_warmup_timer_setting (default: 60)
+ The time (in seconds) for the warmup round when the map starts, giving players time to connect. A value of 0.0 disables warmup round.
o gg_knife_warmup (default: 1)
+ Forces players to use a knife during the warmup round. Players won't gain levels by knifing during the warmup round even if gg_knife_pro is enabled.
o gg_warmup_multi (default: 0)
+ If using multiple map iterations (gg_map_iterations), whether or not to have a warmup round for each iteration.
o gg_nade_glock (default: 0)
+ Gives players on the grenade level a Glock with only 50 backpack ammo.
o gg_nade_smoke (default: 0)
+ Gives players on the grenade level a smoke grenade.
o gg_nade_flash (default: 0)
+ Gives players on the grenade level one flashbang.
o gg_extra_nades (default: 0)
+ Gives players that are on the grenade level another hegrenade level every time they get a kill with any weapon. Players can still only have up to one hegrenade at a time.
o gg_nade_refresh (default: 0.0)
+ Gives players that are on the grenade level another hegrenade this often (in seconds) when they are out. Set to 0.0 to disable. Players can still only have up to one hegrenade at a time.
o gg_kills_per_lvl (default: 1)
+ The amount of kills you must gain in order to level up. This is always 1 for the grenade and knife levels, unless using a custom kill requirement (see gg_weapon_order).
o gg_give_armor (default: 100)
+ The amount of armor that players receive upon spawning (or after a kill, when using gg_refill_on_kill).
o gg_give_helmet (default: 1)
+ Gives players a helmet upon spawning.
o gg_ammo_amount (default: 200)
+ The amount of backpack ammo given to each weapon. Use -1 to use the default max backpack ammo (for example, 120 to the MP5, 35 to the Deagle, etcetera).
o gg_refill_on_kill (default: 1)
+ Refills a player's clip, backpack ammo, and armor (based on above cvars) whenever they get a kill.
o gg_tk_penalty (default: 0)
+ The amount of score (not levels) deducted from a player for a teamkill. Players can't go down more than one level per teamkill. Use 0 for no penalty.
o gg_awp_oneshot (default: 1)
+ Gives the AWP only 1 bullet per clip, as opposed to the default 10.

Создал: Virtus-pro
Скачать: depositfile.com